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Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World

Alipoor and his collaborators have the skill of turning mind-stretching ideas into theatrically thrilling perforrmance. The show gleefully mashes up genres, smashing together the quiet authority of the murder mystery podcast, the intimacy of autobiographical storytelling and the visual spectacle of multimedia performance - while simultaneously deconstructing each of these forms. In a culture that so often seeks to simplify, this is a dazzling argument of complexity"

5 stars The Guardian



SYDNEY FESTVAL, Australia 2024
UMS, USA 2023

LONDON, UK Battersea Arts Centre 2022

MANCHESTER, UK Home Theatre 2022

Sydney Festival (Development) 2022


White Pearl

Co-produced by Sydney Theatre Company and National Theatre of Parramatta
On tour in 2021-2022

Director: Priscilla Jackman
Writer: Anchuli Felicia King

A play that is a ruthless entertaining portrait of toxic corporate culture, casual racism and the complexity of pan-Asian relations


Music Composed by Me-Lee Hay

The sonic world identifies with the strong women characters of this brutally honest script. A mashup of visceral choir techniques, bold orchestral percussion and brass sprinkled with drones and  distorted cello and guitar for good measure. 

Photos by Philip Erbacher

4 1/2 stars Limelight Magazine

4 stars Time Out

4 stars Sydney Morning Herald


Yellow Yellow Sometimes Blues

A new Australian play written by Noëlle Janaczewska funded by Create NSW.


Performed at The Joan, Penrith over 2 weeks Nov 2018


A story of Iris and Leo; two outsiders peeking in at a world of money, power and gossip as they prepare canapés and cocktails for a debaucherous gathering of Sydney’s cultural elite. Tracing the roots of Sydney’s early Modernist thinking

Director: Nick Atkins

Cast: Adam Booth and Kate Worsley

Music composed and performed live by Me-Lee Hay

(Cello with looping)

Sydney Arts Guide Review

Playwave Review

Photos by Teniola Komolafe

Launch Pad

Launch Pad, a double bill theatre show produced by National Theatre of Parramatta @ Riverside Theatre played to sold out shows in March 2021. Two wonderfully unique stories of coming of age that took audiences from Fairfield Halal butcheries all the way to the Moulin Rouge and back again to Sydney's Mardi Gras. 

The challenge for this double bill was to write music completely unique to each show and emotionally brace both worlds simultaneously during the writing and rehearsal process. From delicate harp and piano cross rhythms to glitchy beats with analogue 80s synths.

"The material is whip smart and, by the end, finds an authenticity that will move anyone who has been a mother, or had a mother." - Harriet Cunningham,
The Sydney Morning Herald

"The future of Australia’s Theatre is in good hands...the stories draw the audience in with those familiar moments that we all remember" - Daniel Craig,

The Plus Ones

Sorry Mum Project: 

Written by Pippa Ellams

Directed by Hannah Goodwin and Tasha Obrien

Let Me Know When you Get Home

Written by Miranda Aguilar

Directed by Valerie Berry

In association with Curious Works

Eating Pomegranates

Published on Australian Plays

An original production developed by professional writers and performers who hail from the Blue Mountains. A combined experience of theatre and food.

A journey through life - and beyond. Comedy, ballroom dancing, vaudeville and Frida Kahlo, dangerous descents and underworld cabaret, deathbed farewells, pomegranates and the perfect goat's cheese tart!

Director: Margeret Davis

Cast: Beth Champion, Janine Penfold, Rebecca Waters, Alex Smith, Mieke Clare

March 2018

Music composed and performed live by Me-Lee Hay

(Piano and Electric Cello with live looping)

Guards at the Taj

Produced by National Theatre of Parramatta

Director: Bali Padda
Writer: Rajiv Josef

Composer and Sound Designer: Me-Lee Hay

“Imagine the black-humoured banter of Waiting for Godot dressing the bloodiest deeds of Greek tragedy, and you are near the mark of this deeply disturbing and yet engrossing play, stunningly realised in a National Theatre of Parramatta production by first-time professional director Bali Padda.”. Read the full SMH review HERE

The score brought a large cinematic-orchestral sound to the theatre with homages to traditional Indian instrumentation and alarps, coupled with dark menacing tones as the horrors unfolded. Thanks to Georgia Collins for the extra sound design and effects. 

4  1/2 stars Sydney Morning Herald

4 stars Artshub

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