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Finding Her Beat

Feature length documentary produced by Emmy awarded producer and director Dawn Mikkelson with Keri Picket.

For millenia, women were barred from Taiko stages. Not anymore. Hear the stories of women artists who’ve worked behind the scenes for decades, and watch as they take center stage in Finding Her Beat, the Documentary. 

Album can heard on your favourite streamers.

 A children's feature film that explores the thrilling world of competitive gymnastics and sensitive yet family engaging topics of being a tween and sharing life's journeys through friendships and rivalries.


Last Tree Standing

A dark fairy tale set against a dystopian backdrop, that follows the story of a young girl named Lexie, who befriends a magical creature - half man, half tree. Director Agnes Peel-Mcgregor (awarded by David Lynch)

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Capturing the Cosmos (Science Documentary)

Astronomy documentary produced by Museums Victoria for 360 planetary dome cinema. Narrated by Geoffrey Rush. Recorded with Bratislava Orchestra


Astrononmy documentary produced by Museums Victoria for 360 dome planetarium cinema. Narrated by Sigrid Thornton. For children 9 years and older

Luke Nguyen Series (SBS One)

Cooking travel series of Vietnamese-Australian chef Luke Nguyen

Ben's Menu (Opening Titles) Network TEN

Hidden Peaks (Feature Film)

Two survivors struggle through a dangerous journey in a world shrouded with evil and terror

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