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Sydney Dance Company

Pre-Professional Year 

"Elastic Stasis"

Film maker and Choreographer: Cass Mortimer Eipper

Conceived and created during 2021 lockdown. A dance film that explores the dancers thoughts and feelings about physical confinement at home during lockdowns imposed by COVID-19.

The score sought to reflect how we seek refuge in the digital world to cope with the confines of space and how this reality merges with real life. A fusion of digital sounds meeting classical instrumentation was chosen to represent this juxtaposition and struggle of between them. Uneasy timing choices with distinct synchronisation to the visual glitches were purposefully designed to create a sense of discordant realities whilst the the dancers engage within their domestic spaces, devices and artworks. Watch film HERE

Released as part of the Revealed 2021 program Carriageworks


Sydney Dance Company

Pre-Professional Year 

"Orfeo and Eurydice"

Choreographer: Idan Cohen

Photo by Daniel Boud

This was written for Sydney Dance Company's Pre-Professional year 2019 for choreographer Idan Cohen as part of his piece "Orfeo and Eurydice".

This track functionally sought to glue 2 movements of Gluck's opera of the Baroque era that were used whilst creatively, it sought to explore the underground mysticism of Orpheus, the Greek mythological musician and poet that could enchant all living creatures and even be able to bring his wife Eurydice back from the underground by enchanting the guardians.

References are made to the Overture and Coro Act1 Scene1 of Gluck's opera

Performed at Carriageworks, Sydney

Sydney Dance Company 
Pre-Profesional Year 

"To the Foreign Void and Back"

Choreographers: Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer

Photo by Jhuny-Boy Borja

Me-Lee Hay: Soundtrack Designer

Creative music editing using Mozart's Requiem and Electronic artist Roly Porter for SDC's student company of 2017.

Performed at Carriageworks, Sydney 

Dance Film

"Soul Whisperings"
Director / Choreographer: Simonne Smiles

This short film features a former member of the Borovansky Ballet and founding member of the Australian Ballet Company with her daughter Simonne Smiles, who followed in her footsteps as a professional classical dancer both in Australia and overseas.


It captures the shared creativity and passion for dance between mother and daughter. A story told through dance, nature and art that transcends generational experience.


Winner of Audience Choice Awards Short and Sweet Film Festival 2018. Features solo viola and piano acommpaniment.



Choreographer: Simonne Smiles

This scene is from a to be realised full length children's ballet.


This section has been filmed onstage with costumes and set, showing its potential as a full stage production. It has been an entirely self funded project by the choreographer/producer Simonne Smiles and currently seeking funding opportunities.

In 1950 SImonne's grandmother wrote the synopsis for a full-length stage ballet, along with full costume and set designs.

The ballet is an original narrative set in Bendigo in the Gold rush era.

It tells the story of 2 young immigrants coming to Australia to seek their fortune. Along the way they are tempted by many worldly allures but are saved from a destructive fate by the warnings of the Australian fauna and flora.

Written for full symphonic orchestra

Photo by Regula Annick-Mc Dowell
dancers: Hugo Poulet and Jessie Seymour

WAAPA Dance PhD Research


PhD Researcher: Helene Gee Markstein

Edith Cowan University, West Australia

Dance Maker: Jacob Lehrer

Photos by Jon Green and Helene Markstein

Showing at The Roundhouse Theatre, Perth
A piece designed with samples for interactivity utilising MaxMSP and Ableton Live. Media engineer was Tim Landaur who made the glove that is controlled by the dancer on stage.


"By By Byro"

Dance Maker: Jacob Lehrer

Photos by Jon Green and Helene Markstein

By By Byro

Contemporary Dance

"At What Price"

Choreographed and performed by Angela French with  youMove company

- Invited by youMove to perform at Germany's Internationales Tanzfestival Ingolstadt.
- Sidetrack Theatre, Marrickville Sydney as part of youMove's Tenofus season

"At What Price?" is an experimental solo piece that  examines the unfair distribution of water in third world countries and addresses the exploitation of local communities through the privatization of natural resources

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