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Theatre Composition 

Launch Pad, a double bill theatre show produced by National Theatre of Parramatta @ Riverside Theatre played to sold out shows in March. I was Composer and Sound Designer for these wonderfully unique stories of coming of age that took audiences from Fairfield Halal butcheries all the way to the Moulin Rouge and back again to Sydney's Mardi Gras. 

The challenge for this double bill was to write music completely unique to each show and emotionally brace both worlds simultaneously during the writing and rehearsal process. From delicate harp and piano cross rhythms to glitchy beats with analogue 80s synths!

"The material is whip smart and, by the end, finds an authenticity that will move anyone who has been a mother, or had a mother." - Harriet Cunningham,

The Sydney Morning Herald

"The future of Australia’s Theatre is in good hands...the stories draw the audience in with those familiar moments that we all remember" - Daniel Craig,

The Plus Ones

Sorry Mum Project: 

Written by Pippa Ellams

Directed by Hannah Goodwin and Tasha Obrien

Let Me Know When you Get Home

Written by Miranda Aguilar

Directed by Valerie Berry

In association with Curious Works

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