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Interactivity commission

Supported by the City of Sydney, Juxta is an interactivity game conceived in 2020 by Felix Cross and Katrina Douglas during the early stages of COVID-19 lock down designed in response to the closure of the Arts across the world as a way to bring together artists and audiences during a time of isolation and  disconnection. Along with 25 artists across Sydney and the Blue Mountains, I was commissioned to write a piece of music in response to "Water". Naturally I based my composition on a political thriller about water. 

Juxta is an interactive online game that invites the player to craft a unique artwork and explore how art reflects and stimulates emotions. Juxta allows you to turn these works into evocative, emotionally charged stories. Juxta is easy to play. Choose a sound file. Choose a video work. Hit play and watch what happens.


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