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My Eyes Pitch

General Underscore Pitch Ideas

Based on the Spotify playlist please find below some neo-classical tracks I have composed. Tenderness, meets anguish, romance with inner conflict are words that come to mind to work with the themes of truth, courage and honour that the  film explores

Being from a Chinese family with strong Confucianism values whilst trying to fit within more fluid notions of what Western society is whilst growing up in Australia, can be cause of tension and personal struggle and anguish. This can be heard  in the track "The Axe" below and more subtly "Piano Whisperings" below. These tracks could also suit the despair as Alana's daughter starts to lose her sight

"Artworld" and "Wondrous Journey" is more the tone of joyous passion and perhaps clarity as Alana progresses through the film

ArtworldMe-Lee Hay
00:00 / 04:15
The AxeMe-Lee Hay
00:00 / 04:14
PianoWhisperingsMe-Lee Hay
00:00 / 00:40
Wondrous JourneyMe-Lee Hay
00:00 / 01:06

Alana Pitch Ideas

The Alana playlist explored genres of jazz (Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse), pop ballads (Adele) and the more contemporary pop sounds of Billie Eilish. The through line I thought was the dreamy, romantic qualities yet tinged with loneliness and underlying internal conflict. Here are a couple of examples I have composed in the past that could fit into this emotional context

Melancholy PaintingMe-Lee Hay
00:00 / 00:27
No EndMe-Lee Hay
00:00 / 04:24

Nico Pitch Ideas

The Nico playlist was a vast array of Mexican influenced pop tracks. Ranging from traditional acoustic instrumentation to dance based tracks with modern beats as well as traditional beats. I personally liked the more modern choices of Boney McDown and Fire in the Oven in order to match the rest of the film.


Below are some examples I have written in the past that leans into Latino inspirations to show my versatility. Should I be the chosen composer, I propose to work with a Mexican band to find the authentic sound of Nico and and relavent scenes in Mexico whilst maintaining continuity with the rest of the score

As previously discussed, my publisher can put me in touch with Mexican bands including (but not limited to)  Savila and Cumbia.

Cocktail ChateauMe-Lee Hay
00:00 / 01:39
Running to the Cafe - The CameraMe-Lee Hay
00:00 / 00:28

Sam Pitch Ideas

The Sam Playlist, though had a big variety in styles and eras, I interpreted the emotive through line to be easy going / happy go lucky. At times there is an edge, especially during Coldplay tracks. I adore the crooniness of Elvis and Ricky Nelson, though does feel a little "old school" for him. This example below is a "happy go lucky" sort of piece I wrote for a similar toned character for the feature film "A Second Chance: Rivals!"

Jason Me-Lee Hay
00:00 / 02:12

Wildcard Idea

Having listened to all the playlists, one thing that I really felt amongst all the different genres, eras and tonalities is an overall sense of beauty, romance, strength and conviction juxtaposed with inner conflict. I thought I'd show you this song I co-wrote (I played cello on it incidentally). This song sits within the contemporary ballad world with an old worldy edge. This could sit within the Nico and Sam world having the male voice

Never Say Goodbye
00:00 / 02:44


Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to read the script and sharing your playlist inspirations. I hope this shows you my versatility and also my passion in jumping in to fully try and appreciate the characters and the story.


One last thing I wanted to mention is a I just adore Wong Kar Wai's work. The stillness and space in his frames and the palpable intensity of the unrequited love  between the characters in In the Mood for Love really blew my mind. And I am pleased you have referenced Polonoiase from 2046 also. 


Here is a piece that I thought might represent that the emotive tone that I feel reflects Wong Kar Wai's 2 films I adore. It walks the balance of tempered joy with bittersweet memories.

Coffee Table StoriesMe-Lee Hay
00:00 / 02:38
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